Hiring a professional photographer is the best way to get those album-worthy traditional photographs or formal images for your business website.

Formal and professional commercial photography can be very valuable for marketing, but what about pictures with more personality? Sometimes, showing that you’re fun and relaxed can make your business seem much more approachable.

Photo booths are ideal for any event, like staff parties and team-building days, allowing everyone to take home fun keepsakes.

What is a photo booth used for?

Photo booths are great for the work night out. Your guests can visit the booth if they’d like to but don’t need to feel like it’s essential. It’s an optional extra and doesn’t necessarily need permanent supervision. Your employees will love the chance to relax and take some fun photos!

Nobody is forced to join in, though you’ll find that most people will really enjoy the opportunity to pose for some silly photographs.

Props can be provided for dressing up, and even the strictest of managers will want to be involved! A photo booth won’t produce an album filled with Instagram-worthy artsy shots but will bring back very happy memories with laughter for years to come.

What makes photo booth images special?

Even if your chosen photographer attempts to take fun photos at your event, they can never replicate photo booth creations. That’s because people will always feel the need to look their best when a camera is pointed in their direction, but will let their guard down a little when they’re inside the photo booth. Things feel less serious, so your guests will be more likely to loosen up and go a little crazy! Especially when drink is involved…

You can get your photo booth images as 6×4 photos for your album, or traditional strip prints, and your guests can keep copies for themselves. Why not use fun prop-filled photographs for your staff profiles on your business website? It’ll certainly make you stand out!

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