Whatever the nature of your business, photos are the best way of showing your customers and potential clients what you do. Photos are a way to get more shares on social media, start a conversation and bring your website to life. They can be used in the windows of shops, in catalogues and on all kinds of promotional material. But why do you need a professional photographer? And why not just do it yourself?

The best images give you the best image

No pun intended, but your business’ image may depend on the photographs you choose to associate with your brand. Customers love visuals. They are drawn in by bright, striking photos that relate to something that’s important to them. A professional photographer knows how to structure a photo, get the colours and lighting right, and how to edit it afterwards to ensure it’s absolutely perfect for your brand and the image you are trying to convey.

Smartphone cameras aren’t a marketing tool

Smartphone cameras are great for personal photos and the odd “Guess where we are” moment on social media. They are, however, not a substitute for a professional and experienced marketing photographer. There is only so much you can do with filters, no matter how much of a dab hand you are with Instagram and Snapchat. Fuzzy, poorly-lit photos of your key product aren’t going to inspire more clicks or get that customer to stay on your website and read more. A sharp, well defined image will.

Real people convey trust

Rather than relying on stock photos, using real people in your photo shoots will give your business an air of authenticity. Stock photos are bland and generic, not to mention they look staged, whereas employing a photographer can allow you to get real shots of real people your audience identifies with.

Marketing is a key aspect of your business, and you need photos that reflect the passion and pride you have in your company. Choose one of the best Birmingham Photographers with a wealth of experience in commercial photography.

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