When it comes to wedding photos, you’ll be showing them to your family and friends for decades and generations to come. Surely, it is of utmost importance that the photos tell the true story of the wedding day; all the emotions, from nerves to laughter and tears. Here are a few pointers for all the moments that you will want your professional photographer to capture, so you can keep them forever.

The bride gets ready

It’s a time of intense anticipation and excitement, the emotions are running high and your photographer will know that. This is no time for staged and contrived pictures, but a few snaps of the moment the bride puts on her dress or sharing a drink with the bridesmaids will make the most of this special time.

The bride’s shoes

The bride’s wedding shoes. Yes, they’ll be hidden under the dress all day, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t spend months choosing the perfect ones – it’s only right to do them justice and get an honorary snap of them in all their glory.

The arrival

The classic wedding moment that we’ve seen in wedding photos past and present, the bride’s final moments as a ‘miss’. When the photographer captures the raw emotions of this moment it results in a truly powerful picture – this is a monumental moment for the bride and her family and it is one of the last photos she will have before marriage.

The father of the bride

Walking down the aisle often goes by in a blur, so make sure your photographer captures the moment perfectly when the father gives the bride away. It’s a tear-jerking moment and will result in a tear-jerking picture, one the bride and her father will treasure all their lives.

First moments as husband and wife

From their first kiss to walking down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife surrounded by their friends and family – this is a moment of joy and elation that represents the whole ceremony.

To capture all the emotions of the day, choose a wedding photographer that aims to capture the natural moments as they happen. For a wedding photographer West Midlands brides and grooms can rely on, contact Capture Events today.

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