Wedding planning is stressful enough on its own that you might be tempted to not bother with an engagement photo shoot in Birmingham or wherever you live but many couples will tell you that they are well worth the effort to fit in and the investment. Why? They can serve as the perfect way to capture those last moments as a couple before becoming a married couple. Plus, they could be used in your invitations or giveaways. They’re also an incredible way to practise in front of the camera in a relaxed way without the pressure of the schedule of your wedding day. It’s also great to spend a bit of time with your photographer which will help you to relax on your wedding day and ensure the photos are even better. So, if you decide to book a date with your wedding photographer then get ready for your session with the following tips.

Choose a meaningful location

Typical engagement photo shoots work well in a park, the countryside with trees or lakes as the backdrop. You can take your shoot the next level by choosing a location that is meaningful for both you and your fiancé such as the place where you first met or the place where one of you first said ‘yes!’. Natural light ensures the best photographs so consider arranging your engagement shoot at an outside location and avoid the midday sun. Late afternoon light can be particularly beautiful.

Wear outfits you’re comfortable in

For engagement shoots, comfort is very important. You can still rock these photo opportunities while being comfortable in what you wear. Definitely take into account the location you choose. You wouldn’t want to go on a hiking trip wearing a ball gown, so make sure you choose your outfits accordingly. I normally suggest avoiding busy patterns or clashing colours, make sure you and your partner look good together, compliment each other but you don’t have to match! Also consider the weather, winter photo shoots are amazing but you don’t want to be tinged with blue and shivering in the photos.


Discuss your ideas with your wedding photographer

Planning is so important, especially with your wedding preparations. Before your engagement photo shoot, make sure you speak to your photographer about the ideas you have in mind, so they can be prepared too. You will have chosen your wedding photographer because you love their style so you can relax and let them handle the shoot, but don’t be afraid to make suggestions if there are certain photos you would like.


This is so important but I totally understand why it’s so difficult. Photographers may ask you to pose or ask you to stand in a position that looks amazing, but then we just need you to relax so the love flows naturally between you. This can be so tough for couples but all you need to do is pretend we don’t exist after we get you in position. Laugh together, smile, look into each other’s eyes and just talk. Even if you feel awkward initially your photos will definitely be much more natural and the beauty of digital photography is any awkward photos can easily be deleted leaving you with the loving, funny beautiful ones.

With more than 8 years of experience in professional wedding photography, Capture Events continues to provide stunning photographs while offering various packages for a variety of budgets. Give Amy a call on 07812 911465 for more information.

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