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family photography:

in herefordshire

I love photographing outside, parks, fields or even in people’s gardens. I find that kids relax a lot more as they can just play and I’ll capture their true personalities.

Featured photography

baby photography:

gorgeous coral at my home studio birmingham

Coral was 10 weeks old when her parents booked in her photoshoot. She’s such a smiley happy little girl and having the photoshoot when she was a little older meant I could capture her smiles.

Babies are constantly developing, it’s incredible how quickly they develop and how fast you forget their little stages. This is where I come in, to capture some of these important moments Those early smiles, playing on their play mat, throwing food around in their highchair or attempting totake their first steps. There are endless moments to capture.

Whether you visit me at my home studio or I come to your house, the photos will be beautiful.

Featured photography

family photography:

the ? family in stourbridge

Lynne booked me to photograph her son and his family, they hadn’t got any photographs of their growing family all together. We all get caught up in every day life and it’s lovely to pause every now and again and treasure what we have before the kids grow up. My style of photography is relaxed and fun, this photo shoot took place at their house which was easier for the family with having 3 kids.

My photo shoot prices include ALL professionally edited photographs.

Featured photography

newborn photography:

Super cute Iliya at my home studio in birmingham

Iliya was only a couple of weeks old when I photographed him and he was such a sweet little boy. He took a little time to settle but that’s to be expected, my newborn shoots always take 2-3 hours because we have to work around feeding and changing breaks. Nobody tells a newborn what to do!

Featured photography

CAKE SMASH photography:

Reuben’s first birthday

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Don’t be shy, drop me a line. I’ll grab my camera.

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