Taking your baby to a photo shoot is both fun and challenging. A professional photographer will work with you to make sure that your newborn photography captures the moment perfectly.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your photo session.

1. Newborns need comfort

As proud parents you’ll be excited at the prospect of a photo session, but your baby will not. You need to make sure your baby is kept warm and the studio is an ambient temperature. Newborns feel the cold, and warmth will make them far more content.

2. Plan the time carefully

Work with your professional photographer to set an appropriate time. If you want sleeping photos, then your slot needs to be scheduled just before your newborn sleeps.

Likewise, if you want wide awake and contented expressions, photos just after a feed are more likely to guarantee success. A session planned 10 to 15 days after the birth will ensure you have a sleepy baby.

3. Be prepared

The task is to capture the charm and cuteness of your newborn. Dress your baby in loose clothes that cause no skin lines. Onesies might be comfortable, but pulling them over your baby’s head is likely to cause distress.

Feeding your baby not only ensures contentment, but it makes for a full tummy which is perfect for photography.

Bring a dummy along too. It might be needed!

Finally, relax! Your newborn will sense if you’re tense and react accordingly. Once you’ve brought your baby to the studio, let your photographer do their work. Bring a book or laptop too, as this might be your last break for quite some time.

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