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July 2017

A professional headshot is not just for actors and models any more, they are widely used throughout the business world, a headshot is a visual marketing tool that will enable people and businesses to stand out from the crowd and your competitors. When we know what someone looks like, we feel more of a personal connection with them and we are on the way to building a business relationship. First impressions are so important! So I will work with you to ensure your headshot portrays you in the way you want to be perceived.

Corporate actions shots are a great way to represent your staff members. They show potential customers you have a friendly team ready to help and work together. This is hugely important in this digital age where customers don’t often visit a business in person and therefore don’t have the reassurance of seeing an office full of people working on their behalf. Capturing your team going about their day offers a variety of photographs that are more dynamic and work well alongside posed headshots on your website and social media channels. The combination of posed and un-posed photographs compliment each other well.

Ok so we all take a lot of photos with our phones but that doesn’t mean we can produce the professional standard of images we need to represent our business. Don’t panic, I can help and here’s a few reasons why it’s so important to bring in a professional.

  • A face to a name: Staff photography is the perfect way to introduce your team to potential clients, so your people are familiar and it’s easier to connect with them.
  • Building trust: Clients are much more comfortable when they know who they’re working with. Introducing real humans behind the website and the organisation is brilliant for establishing trust.
  • What’s important: Show your staff team you’re proud of them, it will make them feel valued and show the world this is how you feel.
  • A friendly note: A new customer who recognises a familiar face is more likely to have a friendly approach and will be less inclined to be cold or rude.
  • Stand out: A well presented team can mean the difference between a new client choosing you or one of your competitors.
Your business is built on people: staff and customers so it’s invaluable to build a connection between them. Consistency is key with branding so it’s important to update your staff photos in a similar style. Generally people hate being photographed, but I can help them relax. whether I’m photographing a wedding, event or staff team, my aim is to capture real moments and a natural smile. Booking a professional to take your staff photos is about recognising and showing appreciation for your team. They’re your most valuable asset and the point of connection for your clients.
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