Capturing The Camera Shy

Capturing the Camera Shy

For every bride who has spent a happy half hour (or day!) scrolling through Pinterest looking for wedding shots to replicate, there’s another panicking that their smile turns to a grimace the moment the camera is on them. And let’s face it, when it comes to posing most grooms are more Chandler Bing than Channing Tatum! The good news is that help is at hand, and you’re most certainly not alone. Amy, from Capture Photography has met her fair share of camera shy couples. In fact, in her experience, it’s rare to meet a couple where both claim to be truly comfortable in front of the camera. Here she shares her experience of capturing confident, carefree shots of couples who are feeling anything but!

natural wedding photography

Kindred spirits

The first and most important thing you should do if you’re worried about being photographed is talk to your photographer; you might even find they understand what you’re going through better than you expected. I reckon most photographers are at least a bit camera shy, me included! It’s obvious when you think about it, we feel most comfortable melting into the background and hiding behind the lens! Don’t worry that your doubts will be dismissed, I love it when couples talk to me in advance about their worries because together we can come up with a plan to make your day, and your images, the very best they can be.

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Put in a pin in it!

Pinterest can be a really useful way to share your vision with your photographer. However, whilst sharing a board of suggested shots and talking through what you like about them can help guide your photographer, it’s worth remembering a lot of the images will be modelled by professionals and even the most relaxed looking images are probably heavily directed. A good photographer will support you on the day to take a mixture of posed and relaxed shots, and remember, 90% of the time your favourite image will be the one you weren’t expecting!

Happy Couple Photoshoot

Far from the madding crowd

For many people a big part of the anxiety around being photographed stems from a feeling of being observed. The good news is that the time when we sneak away to capture your more intimate images will most likely be the quietest bit of your day, and the longest time you get to spend alone with your new spouse! So if you’re worried about feeling exposed while taking your couple shots, don’t be. After a day of being dressed, primped, kissing aged aunties and thanking people for coming an hour alone with your photographer is going to feel like an oasis of solitude! If you can bring a drink with you too, all the better!

camera shy wedding couple

If at first you don’t succeed…

Hardly anyone finds having their picture taken natural, but by the end of your wedding day, even the most camera shy will probably have it nailed! Over the course of your day your photographer will be taking hundreds (sometimes thousands – oh the editing, why do I get so carried away?!) of pictures, and with each one the experience becomes easier. Try not to pressure yourself into making each shot the perfect one, because it’s simply not possible. My recycle bin is brimming with double chins, licked lips and one eyed blinks that the couples never even saw. Pop over to our facebook page to see the photos that made the cut. So relax, throw your head back, love ferociously, dance comically, and leave making it look pretty to me, that’s exactly what I’m here for.

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